Climbing Frames for Small Gardens

A guide to choosing climbing frames for small gardens.

Welcome to the home of climbing frames for small gardens.

A helpful guide to choosing, planning and maintaining wooden climbing frames for small gardens, even for small awkward shapes.


Small gardens benefit from tall tower based climbing frames with space saving climbing frame accessories. The green wavy slide pictured is only 2.4m long and is shorter in length than the more conventional 3m slide used on higher platforms.
Pictured: Arundel Tower Climbing Frame

The average modern garden is getting smaller, but that does not mean you cannot join the fun that people with larger gardens currently enjoy. We shall show you how to maximise the space you have available, without compromising or losing the play features you want the most. You will be surprised just how much choice is available, even for "L shaped" gardens and those with awkward shapes. Our simple guide will find a design to fit your garden space, ensuring that your children still have room to play and that all planning permission laws are met.

See our full range of Wooden Climbing Frames for small gardens or read of our climbing frame buying guide for help on planning your design.

Wooden Climbing Frames in Small Gardens

Wooden climbing frames offer the same structural strength of metal versions and will look so much more beautiful in your garden and its surroundings. The natural characterises and treated wood help ensure they never look out of place. As timber has grains and knots, your garden climbing frame will be truly unique as it weathers over time.

No matter what the size and shape of your garden, there is a climbing frame to suit your needs. To complement or enhance your choice, please consult our wide range of exciting climbing frame accessories which take up very little space given how much play value they provide.

Action Climbing Frames

Action wooden climbing frames offer imaginative and creative play combinations at an affordable price. They are a wonderful way for children of all ages to play and socialise together in the safety of your garden. The range of complete sets have been designed with a wide variety of children’s ages and interests, garden sizes and budgets in mind. Taller frames are better suited for small gardens and typically include a single play tower, swing arm or a set of monkey bars and a wavy garden slide.

Creative play features include commando nets, climbing ropes and sandpits, all of which take up only the minimal of space.
Action Climbing Frames use high quality pressured treated PEFC pine, which has been felled from a sustainable source. For your added peace of mind there is a 10 year guarantee against rot and insect infestation on all timber sections and one year on all ropes and accessories. All products meet British and European Toy Safety Standards BS 5665 / EN71 and carry the CE mark.

Design Your Own Climbing Frame

Action climbing frames are modular in design and give you full control over the design and layout. Pick and choose exactly the play features you wish to have to create your own design online which means you can pick and choose the play features that are right for you and your family. Design a climbing frame from the ground up or simply add to an existing action frame for that personal touch.

Our revolutionary Action 3D software allows you to design your own climbing frame from the comfort of your own home. You control the play features you want, the layout and the price. Action 3D offers a simple set of tools which allow you to connect play modules together, rotate and zoom and view from any angle. You will see the climbing frame of your dreams develop before your eyes. Your bespoke design will save you money and valuable space in the garden, as you only pay for the features your children want. Plus you'll be safe in the knowledge that your design is unique and will be enjoyed for years to come.

We recommend starting with a play tower before deciding if you would like to add a swing arm or monkey bars. you may wish to add a slide next. Be as adventurous as you like, the choice is yours.

Start to design your own climbing frame here or call us for expert help and advice.

Climbing Frame Buying Guide

Before buying an Action Climbing Frame it is important to measure your garden. It is important to leave a clear space of at least 1.5m around the perimeter of your climbing frame and 2.5m in front and behind the swing area.

Visit our climbing frame buying guide for more helpful information.

Climibing Frame Wavy Green Slides

There are typically two sizes of wavy green slide available for small garden climbing frames. The smaller is 2.4m (8 foot) and requires 2.2m space. This slide is used on lower platforms which are 1.2m in height and are better suited for younger smaller children. The more popular 3m (10ft) green wavy slide requires 2.5m in front and is for use on platforms which are 1.5m in height. All of our green wavy slides are manufactured from high quality materials and have fixing plates with ready drilled screw holes for fitting. Please click here to view more climbing frame slides information.

Climbing Frame Accessories

A complimentary range of climbing frame accessories can be added at any time for extra challenge or play value as your children grow and develop new skills. Most models are modular in design, which allow for flexible layouts to suit all garden shapes and sizes. This is particularly helpful for awkward shaped gardens, as you can change the positions of certain components such as play towers, swing arms and slides to suit your garden layout. Perfect for designing around awkward shape gardens.

Our full range of climbing frame accessories can be seen here.

Please ensure you have planning permission before you purchase or install your climbing frame. Also please take a moment to view our climbing frame safety guide.

Once you had purchased your climbing frame, please read our maintance advice to ensure your children can play safely for years to come.

Latest News and Reviews

Keep up to date with all the happenings and going on's in the wonderful world of play. We shall bring you photo’s and stories from DIY enthusiasts who have built or designed their own climbing frames for small gardens. Hopefully giving you inspiration and ideas to do the same. Have fun!

   Apr 12

Garden Climbing Frame almost ready to go !

Build Your Own Climbing Frame

If you would like to build your own garden climbing frame, this is how it could look after only a few weeks of craftsmanship. Our friend Paul from Halifax has been working tirelessly to get his homemade design ready for his children and their all too excited friends.

If you’d like to build your own garden climbing frame please visit our range of climbing frame accessories for climbing frame slides, swing seats and swing arms and choice of imagination and creative play accessories. 

Why not add a ships wheel and periscope to create a pirate ship climbing frame, or a fireman’s pole for a spy hut. All of our accessories are designed to challenge children and to provide fun and creative ideas to play with their friends. Your children will benefit from fresh air and excersie without even realising it. All in the safety of your own garden.

A fantastic home built garden climbing frame.

Paul's garden climbing frame is looking great. It has two towers which will soon be connected with a clatter bridge, wooden climbing rungs and steps and a fresh coat of paint. We love it.

Paul still plans to connect the two platforms using a fun filled clatterbridge between them. We think this will add a whole new dimension of play, as children scramble from one tower to the other. In addition to the 3m green wavy slide, an exciting fireman’s pole will also be added for an extra climbing and sliding challenge.

Design Your Own Climbing Frame

Please visit our Action 3D page if you would like to design your own garden climbing frame.

Action 3D software is a brilliant way to choose your own play features and position them to suit the layout of your garden. Using 3D models you can actually see how it will look from every angle before you buy.

If you would like to design your own climbing frame please click here to get started.

   Apr 05

Garden Climbing Frame starts to take shape…

This fantastic garden climbing frame takes up minimal space in this small garden without compromising on fun or play. We love the wavy slide on the front and there are plans to add a clatterbridge and commando net. Bring it on!

 This wonderful garden climbing frame is currently under construction by Paul Misselbrook from Halifax.

Paul has plans to connect the twin towers with a wooden clatterbridge and has already connected a 3m green wavy slide.

For added safety Paul plans to add rubber shredding and binder to cover the mud.

To add even more fun and games, a firemans pole will be attached to the side for a fast escape.

Finally, Paul will be adding a net bridge, which will provide another access point for the tower platform.

We can’t wait to see the finished results and shall bring you new photographs as they arrive.



   Mar 17

The Great Garden Giveaway

A giant Jenga set, snakes and ladders and play cars and bikes – just some of the goodies youngsters will be able to get their hands on in St Helens town centre this Easter.

As part of the urban regeneration of scheme in St Helen’s, a lucky bunch of school children get ready to play in  a specially created garden within the church square. There are plenty of fun things planned, including a giant jenga game, giant snakes and ladders and of course of favourite, a garden climbing frame with all the trimmings.

The programme is one of the first events planned in St Helens town centre and is open to the public throughout the day.

If you would like to read the full story please visit the St Helens website.

   Mar 17

World’s tallest man stands, well tall, next to a childrens climbing frame.

Children clamber on their climbing frame next to the tallest man in the world.

 The worlds tallest man recently paid a visit to a primary school much to the amazement and delight of the children there. Standing an amazing 8 foot 3 inches tool, Sultan Kosen, proudly took his place next to the monkey bars in the school gym. Children half way up the climbing frame, still fell short of his bewildering height, much to their delight.

The visit was organised by Guinness World Records and couldn’t of gone better. Mr Kosens message to the kids was that it’s okay to be different and was truly inspirational to them.

 If you would like to read more, please visit the metro news site.

   Mar 16

Short of Space? Build it high !

This fantastic tree house was hand made and designed by Mark Parkin, using good old fashioned brains and brawn. There are plans to add a 10ft green wavy slide, suitable for the 1.5 metre high platform.

Garden Tree House

An amazing garden tree house with a wooden stair case, playhouse and space for a 3m wavy green slide.


3m Green Wavy Slide

This 3m green wavy slide is suitable for garden climbing frames with tower 1.5m high platforms.