Climbing Frames for Small Gardens

A guide to choosing climbing frames for small gardens.

   Mar 17

Climbing Frame Accessories

Having a small garden doesn’t mean your children can’t have big fun. Where space is limited, climbing frame accessories offer a cost effective solution to keeping your climbing frame interesting without the need for a larger frame.

Climbing frame accessories are perfect for frames of all shapes and sizes. They challenge growing children and stimulate imaginations for creative play by younger kids.

Design your own climbing frame

Our revolutionary new software called Action 3D allows you to quickly and easily create your dream garden climbing frame. It’s fun, free and easy to use.

Action 3D uses icons and 3D models which can be positioned to suit the shape and size of your garden. Action Climbing Frames are completely modular which means you can choose the play components and accessories you want the most. You can also use Action 3D to add new accessories to existing climbing frame models from the Action range.

Please click on Action 3D to start your design.

Climbing Frame Accessories

Please feel free to explore our wide range of accessories from the sections below. All accessories can be added when you initially create your design or can be purchased later on to be retro fitted. They are not only great for Action climbing frames but can be used as part of your own self build creation. All of our accessories meet or exceed residential safety standards so you can be assured of your children’s safety and well being at all times.

The most popular accessories include our fireman’s pole, which kids simply love.

We recently stumbled across a brilliant video where a young girl needed all of her courage to jump onto the pole. With a little help from dad of course. If you would like to watch the climbing frame video please click on the link.

Additional popular accessories include our ships wheel, periscope and telescope which form part of our imagination range. Kids can’t wait to turn there climbing frame into a Spanish galleon or a submarine.

Sliding down the scale a little, we also find that simple items such as our red handle grips are very much in demand. They provide essential access to platforms for even the youngest toddlers.

Climbing Frame Slides

Our slides are made from UV stable HDPE plastic which is not only strong and safe, but can be left outside all year with the peace of mind that it will not suffer from the elements. The slide dimensions below include the fixing plate, which has two pre drilled 6mm holes for fixing the slide to almost any wooden platform.

Our wavy slides come in green or pink for the 3m version and green only for the 2.4m.

  • The 3m Green Wavy Slide is designed for a platform height of 1.5m. It measures 50cm wide by 300cm long and pretrudes a distance of 2.65m. This slide is great for older children.
  • The 3m Pink Wavy Slide is brand new to our range and has the same specifications as it’s green counterpart. In a stunning pink, we find that little girls simply love the colour and enjoy pretending its part of their princess castle.
  • The 2.4m Green Wavy Slide is slightly smaller and is designed for lower platforms of 1.2m in height, which are more accessible by younger children and toddlers. This slide measures 50cm wide by length is 240cm and pretrudes a distance of 2.2m.

Climbing Frame Swing Seats

Pendulum Tyre Swing and Rope

Our fantastic pendulum style tyre swing comes complete with a single polyhemp rope. Suitable for use on an Action climbing frame or as part of your own design.


Choosing the right swing seat for your climbing frame is essential for your children’s enjoyment. It is important to understand what type of swing they will like playing with the best.

Our most popular choices include the pine wooden swing seat, baby swing seats and of course our fantastic tyre swings.

Please click on the links below for more swing seat information.


Imagination Accessories

Green Telescope for Climbing Frames

Ahoy there ship mates. Why not add a fantastic telescope or ships wheel to your new or existing climbing frame for maximum play from a small space.

Adding creative and imaginative climbing frame accessories will provide a wealth of play ideas for your children. They will simply love the adventures to be had from such simple innovations.

The beauty of adding accessories like this is the many hours of play value they provide, against the tiny area required to fit them. If there is simply no room available for a large swing arm, this is definitely the answer. Many of our accessories are designed to complement each other, such as our extremely popular ships wheel which is paired perfectly with the periscope and telescope. In no time at all and for minimum expensive, your climbing frame will soon become a cruise liner, pirate ship or even a submarine in your children’s eyes.

See our full range of imagination accessories by clicking here.

 Ground Anchors and Supports

If you would like build or design your own climbing frame you will require the right hardware. This is not only important for the construction but also essential for the safety of your children.

To see more details for our Ground Anchors and Supports please click here.

Swing Hooks

Made from galvanised steel, our range of swing hooks will allow you to choose any swing seat from our range. These are included in our action range as standard but are also available if you would like to build your own design at home.

To see more details for our Swing Hooks please click here.

Safety Surfacing

Once your climbing frame is build and in place, you may wish to consider adding your choice of safety surfacing around the perimeter. It is most important to focus on areas on high traffic and impact such as around swings and at the base of a wavy slide, where falls and tumbles are most likely to occur. If you would like complete peace of mind, you are free to surround your entire frame. Choose from rubber garden mats which have holes for grass to grow, or playbark for a more natural look and feel.

To see more details for our Safety Surfacing choices please click here.


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