Climbing Frames for Small Gardens

A guide to choosing climbing frames for small gardens.

   Apr 10

Climbing Frame Slides

Garden Climbing Frames often include a fun filled slide reaching from the tower to the ground. Climbing frame slides come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our favourite is the wavy slide, which has an added boost in the middle for extra speed.

The height of your climbing frame platform will determine the height of the slide you require. Garden Slides can be used as part of an Action Climbing Frame, or for your own home built design.

If you have a natural incline in your garden you could even make a hill slide.

1.2m high platform (4 foot) requires a 2.4m wavy slide.

At 2.4 metres long, this wavy garden slide is suitable for a 1.2m high platform. It is better suited for smaller gardens or younger children. It can be seen in use on the Glastonbury Tower Climbing Frame  and is also ideal for home built climbing frames, tree houses and even hill sides if they are of a matching incline.

 1.5m high platform (5 foot) requires a 3m wavy slide.

At 3 metres long, this slightly larger slide forms the basis of larger climbing frame towers, which are 1.5m in height. The extra height also requires extra length, which is a consideration when planning for your garden size. The Monmouth Monkey Climbing Frame is a great example of this size of slide in use.

At the top of each slide, there is a plate with four screw holes. The slide easily screws into place onto a wooden platform, base or even a railway sleeper for something different. Our climbing frame slides are all heavy duty and are suitable for younger and older children alike.

2.5m Wavy Slide
A 2.5m Green Wavy Climbing Frame Slide. Suitable for a 1.2m high platform.


3m Wavy Slide
A 3m Green Wavy Climbing Frame Slide. Suitable for a 1.5m high platform.

Garden climbing frames are usually green as they blend seamlessly into the garden. 

Our new pink slides are perfect for your little princess and her magic kingdom. 

Pink Climbing Frame Slide

A 3m Pink Wavy Slide. Suitable for 1.5m high platforms.



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