Climbing Frames for Small Gardens

A guide to choosing climbing frames for small gardens.

   Jan 01

Climbing Frame Buying Guide

Garden Climbing Frames are a fantastic way for children to play and have fun and socialise with friends in the great outdoors.  Or to be more precise, in your back garden. There is a great deal of choice available today from a simple garden swing to a climbing frame set with a play tower and slide. You can choose from all shapes and sizes, although we recommend taller, more compact designs for smaller gardens, where space can be limited.

Our buying guide should help you choose the right climbing frame for you. Here’s some top tips:

Measure Your Garden Carefully

Take care to measure your garden from every side. It may help if you draw a floor plan, which you can use later on to compare with climbing frame dimension from retailers websites. Remember to include a two metre boundary around the perimeter. This not only improves safety, but is a legal requirement to comply with planning permission laws. 

Better to be safe…

Take care to leave extra space in front of swing arms and slides or any other play module where children will be moving or playing.

Future proofing…

When measuring your garden it pays to plan in advance. When your children grow older and develop new skills there will be an opportunity to add new and exciting play modules and accessories they may of been too young to enjoy before. Adding new modules and accessories will also give revatalise your climbing frame with new and exacting play features. This is not only good for your children, but also makes for a more sound investment, given the extra years of play a new edition will provide.

The best idea is to choose an Action Climbing Frame which is completely modular. Choose from complete sets or why not try your hand at designing your own climbing frame, by using their amazing Action 3D software. It’s fun, free and very easy to use.  This will allow you to build a modest climbing frame now which you can develop in months or years to come. Perhaps by adding a swing arm, second play tower or slide. There may also be new additions to your family, who will benefit from accessories for their age range such as the new Oxo Spinner or Play Shop. If you plan now, it will save you a lot of time later on.

Buy from a reputable retailer 

Choose a company who specalise in garden climbing frames, who spend time working with them every day. Their expert advice will be essential for choosing the design that’s best for you and your family.

We recommend Action Climbing Frames from Real Sports Ltd, who have over ten years design experience.

  • Action Climbing Frame Sets
  • Design Your Own Climbing Frame
  • Climbing Frame Accessories  
Climbing Frame Installation

Once your dream climbing frame has been delivered, there is the little matter of assembly. Depending on the size of your choice, build times can vary from just a few hours for swing arms and up to 10-20 hours for bigger frames. Full instructions are always provided, giving you the following choices:

Build It Yourself

With only minimal knowledge and skill set required, this is not as daunting as you first may think.

  1. Take delivery of your brand new climbing frame, your pride and joy to be. In most cases, delivery is made within a matter of days and arival is by way of pallet. Which, with a friendly smile your delivery driver will usually take away with him.
  2. Check the contents thoroughly. We strongly urge you to check and double check that every box has arrived safely. Mark each carton and package against the delivery dockett supplied with your order.  It is imperative not to delay if something is missing. You must inform your retailer within one or two working days for them to re-send any missing items. Once your sure everything has arrived and is in good order, your ready to begin. It is your right to refuse deliveries if signs of damage are apparent. The driver will return your package to the retailer you have purchased from, who are legally bound to send a replacement to you free of charge. You must inform the retailer, rather than the delivery driver who may only be part of a national courier, rather than a company representaive. If you discover a fault after the driver has left, or feel that any items received do not match there product descriptions you must report the problem to your retailer straight away. It is imparative that your goods are received in good order and entirley to your satisfaction. Boring bit over, let’s move on.
  3. Carefully lay out all of the tools you require. Keep all nuts, bolts and scews close to hand and organised in groups as you will need them. This will save a lot of time later on.
  4. Choose a nice day. It sounds obvious, but given how long a typical assembly will take, the last thing you need is a down pour to stop you in your tracks.
  5. Ensure your garden play is clear and the ground is as flat as possible. Remember your dimensions from earlier and be sure to make allowances for the 2m surrounding required by law. It’s also sensible to stay away from over hanging trees and branches which may later grow and imped access.
  6. Familiarise yourself with the instructions provided. This will give you a clear idea of how each componant will fit together and provide an understand of how it will take shape.
  7. Layout all of the large timber pieces neatly in order of length.
  8. Position your climbing frame where it will live in your garden, as moving it later will become difficult due to its size and weight. It may also harm the wood, which after all is a natural product.
  9. Make steady progress and stay calm. Your garden climbing frame will take shape before you know it.
  10. Give yourself a rather large pat on the back before letting your little monkeys loose for their first play on their amazing new climbing frame. Well done you.
 Professional Installation

If you can’t simply bear the idea of assembling your new garden climbing frame yourself, then worry not. There are a number of specialist experts available who will do all of the work for you. Prices usually depend on the size and complexity of your choice and the esimated time required for assembly.

We recommend Climbing Frame Installers who have a wealth of experience and install nationally. They have all of the tools and know how necessary to build your garden climbing frame safely and in good time.

Choosing the right garden climbing frame
What do your children enjoy playing?

As simple as it sounds, the key to choosing the right climbing frame your family lies with your children. Do they love climbing and digging? Or do they prefer creative and imaginative play.  Little climbers will love the challenge a commando net provides and will adore rock climbing walls. Try to look at play features through their eyes. A playhouse isn’t just a playhouse. It’s a mystical castle, or a secret den. A simple racing wheel will make it a drivers HQ, or ships wheel and periscope an exciting gallion. You get the idea.

Climbing Frame Ship

Anchors Away! Your little pirates will love this play ship. Just make sure nobody walks the plank!

This amazing ship will capture little ones imaginations, whilst providing physical excerise and mental stimulation at the same time.

It features a 3m wavy slide, wooden climbing ramp, rock climbing face, periscope and telescope to spy enemy ships and of course a skull and cross bones flag.

Now relax and enjoy

Now sit back and enjoy the many years of fun your garden climbing frame will bring to you and your children. If you take good care of your frame, it will be the best investment you have ever made.

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