Climbing Frames for Small Gardens

A guide to choosing climbing frames for small gardens.

   Apr 12

Garden Climbing Frame almost ready to go !

Build Your Own Climbing Frame

If you would like to build your own garden climbing frame, this is how it could look after only a few weeks of craftsmanship. Our friend Paul from Halifax has been working tirelessly to get his homemade design ready for his children and their all too excited friends.

If you’d like to build your own garden climbing frame please visit our range of climbing frame accessories for climbing frame slides, swing seats and swing arms and choice of imagination and creative play accessories. 

Why not add a ships wheel and periscope to create a pirate ship climbing frame, or a fireman’s pole for a spy hut. All of our accessories are designed to challenge children and to provide fun and creative ideas to play with their friends. Your children will benefit from fresh air and excersie without even realising it. All in the safety of your own garden.

A fantastic home built garden climbing frame.

Paul's garden climbing frame is looking great. It has two towers which will soon be connected with a clatter bridge, wooden climbing rungs and steps and a fresh coat of paint. We love it.

Paul still plans to connect the two platforms using a fun filled clatterbridge between them. We think this will add a whole new dimension of play, as children scramble from one tower to the other. In addition to the 3m green wavy slide, an exciting fireman’s pole will also be added for an extra climbing and sliding challenge.

Design Your Own Climbing Frame

Please visit our Action 3D page if you would like to design your own garden climbing frame.

Action 3D software is a brilliant way to choose your own play features and position them to suit the layout of your garden. Using 3D models you can actually see how it will look from every angle before you buy.

If you would like to design your own climbing frame please click here to get started.

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